GP3 Spanish Grand Prix race1

Starting grid:

P1 Aitken, P2 Fukuzumi, P3 Boccolacci, P4 Russell, P5 Pulcini, P6 Maini, P7 Alesi, P8 Lorandi, P9 Siebert, P10 Hubert, P11 Kari, P12 Hyman, P13 Schothorst, P14 Ferrucci, P15 Falchero, P16 Tveter, P17 Jörg, P18 Calderón, P20 Baptista.


As the green light appeared Fukuzumi overtook Aitken, so the japanese driver took the lead. In the second corner Boccolacci made a mistake, therefor he lost his position by Pulcini.

In the race nothing happened untill the lap 13, when Aitken got some engine problems on the second place. His car slowed down, so everybody overtook him. In the same lap we could see some exciting battles between George Russell and Arjun Maini. The young Indian driver used the DRS (drag reduction system) though, but he could pass over the British rookie. At the same time Jake Aitken arrived to the box and he got out the car due to technical issues.

Behind Maini arrived Russel’s team mate, Hubert, and he attacked the Jenzer Motorsport driver. But in this time he tried to overtake Russell by using the DRS, but the British driver was faster. Later, in lap 19 Hubert overtook Maini with DRS in turn 1.

In lap 20 Alessio Lorandi tried to get past of Leo Pulcini, but he wasn’t quick enough even with DRS. The battle for the 2nd place between the two Italian drivers lasted until the end of the race. In the same lap George Russell fought back. and he overtook Hubert and Boccolacci too, so he went up to 4th place.

In the last lap we could see a battle between Ferrucci, Maini and Siebert. Ferrucci was pushed out of the track by the German driver, but he could fight back. After some corners he overtook Hyman, so he ended up 9th.

The victory’s been taken first time by the Japanese driver, Nirei Fukuzumi, Leo Pulcini finished second, and on the third place finished Alessio Lorandi, who started from the P8.


2017 GP3 Series Round 1. 
Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.
Saturday 13 May 2017.
Leonardo Pulcini (ITA, Arden International), Nirei Fukuzumi (JPN, ART Grand Prix), Alessio Lorandi (ITA, Jenzer Motorsport) 
Photo: Zak Mauger/GP3 Series Media Service.
ref: Digital Image _56I9572
Race One,1,portrait,podium


Written by: Silvia Álló




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