2016 Hong Kong ePrix

Free practise:

Two practice sessions—both on Sunday morning—were held before the Sunday late afternoon race. The first session ran for 45 minutes and the second lasted 30 minutes.  30-minute shakedown was held on Saturday afternoon before the practice sessions and saw Qinghua record the fastest time of one minute and 8.633 seconds, four-tenths of a second faster than  Nelson Piquet Jr in second. The session was temporarily halted when Prost’s car stopped on track. Both practice sessions took place in warm weather conditions. Lucas di Grassi used the full 200 kilowatts  available to him and recorded the fastest time of the first practice session at one minute and 2.381 seconds, 0.145 seconds faster than Buemi in second. Daniel Abt was third-fastest, ahead of Engel and Vergne. Bird, Stéphane Sarrazin, Prost, da Costa and Rosenqvist rounded out the session’s top ten fastest drivers. The session was first disrupted when Oliver Turvey’s vehicle stopped on track with an electrical issue after four minutes, necessiating the brief deployment of red flags, to allow course workers to remove his car from the circuit. A second stoppage occurred when Robin Frijns lost control of his car at turn nine and blocked the track, and Rosenqvist impacted the first turn barrier and was stranded at the corner’s run-off area.

In the second practice session, Vergne was quickest with a lap of one minute and 2.350 seconds, ahead of Prost in second and Bird third. Rosenqvist was fourth-fastest; da Costa was fifth and Heidfeld sixth. Buemi was seventh-fastest, Qinghua eighth, Sarrazin ninth and Loic Duval rounded the top ten ahead of qualifying. Duval lost control of his car and crashed into the turn ten outside barrier’s exit, removing both his right-hand side tyres, and caused the session to be stopped for ten minutes to allow his car to be removed from the centre of the track.Engel spun and damaged his right-rear suspension, but was able to drive slowly back to the pit lane. di Grassi ran wide and went deep into the turn two run-off area. He spun his car to leave the corner but made contact with the wall, removing his rear wing. López lost his vehicle’s nose cone in a collision with the wall at the same corner, and his rear wing was removed from his car when he impacted the turn eight barrier. The driver’s rear wing was off the racing line, avoiding the need for yellow flags, and Piquet caused the session to conclude under red flag conditions when he heavily collided with the chicane exit barriers.



After the practice sessions but before qualifying, event officials elected to removed a kerb at the chicane with the teams notified of the change shortly before qualifying began.Saturday afternoon’s qualifying session ran for 60 minutes was divided into four groups of five cars. Each group was determined by a lottery system and were permitted six minutes of on-track activity. All drivers were limited to two timed laps with one at maximum power. The fastest five competitors in the four groups were scheduled to participate in a “Super Pole” session with one driver on track at any time and went out in reverse order. Each of the five drivers were limited to one timed lap and the starting order was determined by the competitors fastest times. The driver who recorded the fastest time was awarded three points towards both championships. Qualifying was held in warm weather conditions.The  modifications to the kerb and a dirty track resulted in lap times being a least one second slower than had been seen in qualifying and Super Pole was cancelled following several long delays caused by drivers crashing their cars and the starting order was determined by the fastest overall times in the three groups.

Piquet clinched the first pole position of his career and the maiden first position start for his team NextEV with a time of one minute and 3.099 seconds. He was joined on the grid’s front row by teammate Turvey who was 0.132 seconds slower than Piquet’s time. In his first Formula E qualifying session, López qualified third in front of his teammate Bird. Buemi went out first in the fourth group and was initially two-tenths of a second slower than Piquet despite not running wide or making contact with the barriers on his full power lap and took fifth place. Rosenqvist was the first driver to go onto the track in the group three and drove aggressively which saw him make light contact with the barrier to qualify sixth. Abt took seventh place, ahead of Duval but the driver served a three-place starting position penalty after he was observed speeding under red-flag conditions in the shakedown session. As a result, Vergne inherited the position and his fastest time was achieved on cold tyres and brakes. Prost’s full power lap saw him narrowly avoid impacting the chicane and his car slid at the final turn which restricted him to starting ninth. Heidfeld rounded out the top-ten qualifiers.

Engel was the fastest driver who was not issued with a penalty to not qualify within the top ten; his fastest time was eight-tenths of a second slower than Piquet’s pole position lap. He was more than one-tenth of a second faster than 13th-placed qualifier da Costa, who in turn, was nearly four-tenths ahead of débutant Carroll. The three drivers were followed by Sarrazin in 15th, and Evans in 16th; the latter struggled with cold brakes and tyres which prevented him from going faster.Qinghua’s left-rear quarter was damaged when he made contact with the barriers lining the circuit and qualified 17th. Jerome dAmbrosio struggled and was restricted to starting behind Qinghua. di Grassi pushed hard and made a mistake at the chicane, making contact with the wall, and his front-left quarter was damaged, triggering red-flag conditions with three minutes left of the second group’s running. He was restricted to starting 19th. Frijns completed the field and caused qualifying to be temporarily stopped when his car went airborne after hitting the kerbs at the chicane and collided with the barrier.


When the event started, Piquet and Turvey made clean getaways and maintained the first and second positions on the straight heading into the first turn. López ran wide leaving the first corner, made minor contact with the turn’s barrier, allowing teammate Bird and Buemi to overtake him.López lightly hit Bird and fell down the running order. Under braking for the second turn, Abt’s rear wing was removed when an Andretti vehicle collided with him, causing Qinghua to heavily apply his brakes, and struck the back-end of da Costa’s car, which led to the former’s front wing becoming removed in the incident. di Grassi was unable to slow and collided with Qinghua’s back-end, removing the front-right section of his nose cone.

Prost made the worst start in the field moving from ninth to 14th by the end of the first lap, while Heidfeld made four positions over the same distance. At the end of the first lap Piquet led from teammate Turvey, who in turn, was followed by Bird, Buemi, López, Heidfeld, Rosenqvist, Duval, Vergne, Abt, Engel, da Costa, Evans, Prost, Sarrazin, Carroll, di Grassi, d’Ambrosio, Frijns and Qinghua. Piquet pulled away from the rest of the field as Buemi started to close the gap to Bird and Turvey. López fell down to eighth on the second lap after he was overtaken by Mahindra Racing drivers Heidfeld and Rosenqvist along with Duval. Both di Grassi and Abt were shown a black flag with an orange circle, requiring the pair to make pit stops for repairs to their cars. Qinghua switched to a second car but became the race’s first retirement shortly afterwards because of an battery issue. Bird placed Turvey under pressure which allowed Piquet to open up a two-second advantage by lap four. di Grassi moved to the outside line heading into the chicane on the fifth lap and overtook Sarrazin and López leaving the turn and moved in front of Carroll heading into the second corner. Bird overtook Turvey for the second position on lap six,and Buemi overtook the NextEV driver by taking the inside lane in turn one on the following lap.

Vergne dropped down the order when his car developed a water pump battery failure and was forced to make an unscheduled pit stop to move into his second vehicle on lap eight,while di Grassi made his required pit stop for a replacement front wing on the same lap and narrowly avoided striking a trackside marshal after leaving his pit stall. López had dropped to 18th place by the start of the following lap.Bird briefly reduced the time deficit to Piquet until the Brazilian driver responded to the DS Virgin Racing car’s fast pace. Rosenqvist lost control of the back-end of his car and slid backwards into the turn five barrier on the 14th lap, damaging his rear wing. The incident forced him to make a pit stop for the switch into his second car. López carried a large amount of speed exiting the chicane and made heavy contact with the wall on lap 17. Piquet was close behind him and took avoiding action but reacted late and had an understeer which sent him into the barrier He did not damage his car and was able to reverse out of the barrier but lost the lead to Bird and Buemi moved into second place. The incident necessitated the deployment of the safety car to allow marshals to repair the wall and extract López’s car from the track. Some drivers elected to make mandatory pit stops to switch into their second cars under safety car conditions at the end of the 20th lap.

Bird elected to not to make a pit stop and maintained the lead at the lap-21 restart, ahead of da Costa. Piquet chose to make his pit stop immediately after racing resumed. Bird pulled away from da Costa who was being held up by the delayed Vergne. He chose to remain on the circuit with a strategy to conserve his car’s electrical energy usage which was being followed by both Jaguar drivers. Bird made his pit stop at the end of the 25th lap and it appeared that he would rejoin the race in the lead but technical problems with his second car caused him to search for different reset proceducres, losing the driver a large amount of time and rejoined the circuit one lap down in 15th position. An electrical issue was discovered on Evans’ second car during his pit stop and his team elected to retire him on the same lap to prevent further damage. Frijns led the field for one lap before making his pit stop on the 26th lap.Buemi took over the first position from Frijns with di Grassi in second place and Heidfeld third. di Grassi closed to within less than two seconds behind Buemi with ten laps of the race left with the Renault e.Dams driver reacting by extending his advantage to 2.5 seconds.

Rosenqvist set the race’s fastest on lap 36, competing a circuit of one minute and 2.947 seconds, which earned him one championship point. By the 38th lap, drivers who made their stops during the safety car period entered into their electrical energy conservation phase.MS Amlin Andretti chose to allow their drivers to remain on the circuit for as long as possible and their strategy allowed da Costa and Frijns to catch and overtake d’Ambrosio and Turvey for the fifth and sixth positions in the event’s closing period. da Costa then attempted to catch the fourth-placed Prost but was unable to get close to the driver.As the field began the final lap, di Grassi, Heidfeld and Prost had five percent of usage electrical energy remaining and Buemi was unchallenged for the remainder of the race to secure the victory. di Grassi finished second, ahead of Heidfeld in third. Prost was fourth and da Costa fifth. Frijns, d’Ambrosio, Turvey, Engel and Sarrazin rounded out the top ten points-scoring positions. Piquet, Carroll and Bird filled the next three places and Duval and Rosenqvist were the last of the classified finishers. It was Buemi’s first victory of the season and the seventh of his Formula E career. There were three lead changes in the race; four drivers reached the front of the field. Buemi led once for a total of 20 laps, more than any other competitor. Of the two late event retirements, Vergne stopped with an overheating battery,and Abt lost all electrical energy in his car after completing 34 laps.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt 2017 hong kong eprix podium



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